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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Need more painted models!

    A thought came to me just yesterday. There has been a serious lack of painted models on this page. I have been working an a number of projects lately. Unfortunately, I don't remember specifically which models I finished so I figured I would put pics of the ones I mentioned on here. First one will be the too tall farseer.

 I always loved this model and I can't figure out why I never painted him. Finally, I have a second farseer finished for my army. Hmm. Just a thought. Maybe I should start working on my troops before I paint any more characters. Well, before I get to painting troops, I should probably finish these tanks that I start. I sat down and had a big air brushing night. It was a serious boost to my painting morale. There is a serious lack of hours in a day for everything I would like to do.
The final one I wanted to put up here is my favorite anti hero, Cypher. Another models that I have own for so long I hate to admit it, He is painted and ready for the battlefield. The inclusion of new rules for this miniature was wonderful incentive. The plan for the near future is to finish these two tanks. When they are done, I will move on to guardians, dire avengers, and warp spiders. 
Oh! By the way, the story I have been writing is the prologue to a narrative campaign that we are playing in. Stay tuned for what happens next. Thanks for following and please leave comments. I would love to here from you.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The story so far....

    The noise of battle wakens me. The deafening sound of bolter fire pierces my skull. My head aches with every blast. I am slow to rise. The dream is still alive in my thoughts. The crossroads..... Which path did I choose? Who am I leading away from the darkness? My head is still swimming with recollections from the dream. Then, the realization... "Where am I?" The words come back to my ears almost as someone else said them. The room is quaint. A bed, chest of drawers and a small chair are the only contents. Nothing adorns the walls. The bed shifts slightly as I climb out and onto my feet. At this point I realize the shots heard outside my door are real. I quickly gather my belongings and head out into the hallway.
    The corridor is bustling with activity. The movements in the hallway are almost orchestrated. There is a pattern in the seemingly chaotic surroundings around me. Military personnel  hurrying to their designated positions. One of the soldiers stop before and states what seems to be obvious and yet so much more confusing to my current state. "They are here to take it back."
       "Take what back?" is the only response I can muster.
     The soldier states " the relic."
      That simple response brings light to everything that happened  since the crossroads. The dream. Or was it a dream. I walked the road from the crossing. It led again into the woods. The whole time, I am being followed. Ghosts walk with me on this path. These are not spirits of the dead to bring dread into my soul. These are the shadows of events past and some of yet to come. I turn to see some which reflect friends who have gone from my life, only to look on others to see people I have not met yet. There is one that haunts me more than the others, the alien. The one who sees through everything. The one that seemingly guides my steps.
    The ancient diviner speaks to me yet again. He tells me of a place down the path, an ancient stronghold of my people. It has been since taken over by others like me and abandon as my people have a century ago. The specter suddenly race ahead of where I am to make a new path off the road. It is no bigger than an animal trail and probably not even used by anything larger than a wolf. I cut my way through the brush for what seems to be hours.
     Then as the undergrowth starts to clear. I can see an angel in the distance. It is huge, three stories tall, on the side an immense fortification. I want to see more, but I am stopped by the spirit of the seer. "If you enter, you my find who you seek, but you will draw the wolves to your doorstep."
     "Who am I looking for?" I ask. I know the answer, but I need the confirmation.
     "He who is the the greatest hope... or the greatest threat, the bearer of the sword. I fear to speak the name lest he manifest here to slay me."
       "If that is true, I must go in." I state as I brush through the spirit. I need to find the entrance.
     "When those doors are opened, they cannot be resealed. You will bring the wolves down upon us all!" the spectral voice now coming from inside my mind warns.
       "Then so be it! What can a mere wolf do to the likes of me!" The determination rises in my very soul. "I will not be swayed from this course. If I find him it will change everything." With all the strength from the very pit of my soul, I open the door to the fortress. The lights flicker on as the building comes to life. Before I close the the door behind me, I look out into the countryside. The spirits are all gone. The only break in the stillness of twilight is the baying of a single wolf at the newly risen moon. "Let the wolves come! This is my home now!"

Friday, April 4, 2014

What up, Shorty!


     Happy Friday evening! First off, I want to wish good luck and good games to everyone playing at Adepticon this weekend. It doesn't matter what game you play, I hope the dice gods bless every roll. For those who have already won, Congratulations! For those who didn't, don't forget to register for next year.
Ok. Enough about a convention that I am no where near.

         Then, I see on the GW website that the Codex: Astra Militarium is on preorder along with a Hydra tank variant. That made me think of something. There are a number of conversions that I wanted to post on here. My hydra, which is actually an easy make with the right bits. Though I must admit, I wasn't prepared for this when I sat down to write. So I don't upset the balance in my house, I will post pictures over the weekend. I will also put up some pictures of my current projects.

          About a week ago I sat down to paint a farseer for my Eldar project. As I was working, the lure of things unknown pulled on me. It brought me to one of the most mysterious characters in Warhammer 40k galaxy....... Cypher. Since then, I have been working diligently on one character that reads the fates and makes corrections and one that makes fate happen. Both of these individuals' bios are so deep and immersive and all that I see when I look at these figures is...... Cypher is SHORT!!!!