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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little green men

     I was just sitting here shopping for Christmas presents. The big day is only 2 weeks away. This is the first year I need to build the magic of Christmas for my boys. My oldest son, at 2 years old, is very excited about Santa Claus coming to his house and leaving them presents. Suddenly, I realized I was not really thinking about the big guy in the red suit, but little green men. No! I'm not talking about the elves at the North Pole, hammering wheels on wooden ducks and assembling toy trains. Nor am I speaking of the interplanetary flying saucer pilots. No, I'm talking about the first legion of space marines. Though I bet an Interrogator-chaplains would whip that minute labor force in shape. I bet they would be done with their bicycles & wagons by Valentine's day. And those little suckers wouldn't keep Santa's secret for long....

     Anyway, from all the Internet chatter, the Dark Angels codex will be out very soon. December, January, or February, I'm not sure. My faith in rumors isn't very strong. But I can't help but get a little excited about a new rule set for my favorite chapter of the Asteres. Just today, word of a Storm Talon-esque flyer or plasma cannon toting land speeder was hinted at. Sounds interesting. Plasma predators, Inner Circle and, finally, a Belial model all sound very exciting.  Though, I already made my own Master of the Deathwing twice. I could probably make a third, as long as the model is nice.

     It certainly wasn't the green colored armor that drew me to these Angels of Death. It was the story, The secrecy, The betrayal that brought to paint these green soldiers. I was locked in when I learned that the very people they hunt are members of their very ranks. And only the highest members of the chapter know about the hunt. The normal rank marines have no clues of the history of this chapter. How can you have that big of a secret inside of a fairly firm and steady military force. I don't think the Codex Astares has an insert for  hunting the half of your chapter that went to chaos and not letting any other chapter or the inquisition aware that such an event happened 10,000 years ago. Oh, and on top of that, your home world was mostly destroyed. Good luck.