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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sticking to my Path.

        I must say that the last time I wrote I was elated that the new Eldar codex was out. Time has changed my opinion. I am beyond jump up and down excited. I got my first trial down. I must say, neither of us brought point hammered lists and we only played 1000 points. Let's just say things did not go well for the forces of the dark gods.  I did not play with a fully painted army, which has been a personal goal for me, but I did play with units I haven't fielded in a long time. Guardian defenders did great. I stuck them with a scatter laser  and a warlock with conceal. Because they were guardians, they did not attract attention until they shot. Then there were three....   The Scatter laser is a terrific support weapon. Strength six and the laser lock ability is a very cool in combination with bright lances. This worked very well on the war walker. Swooping hawks did as expected. They dropped in, threw a haywire grenade, did nothing & got shot. My Wave Serpent was shot down before I could shoot the Serpent shield. Three glances from a Forge fiend took care of that.

     That trial fight rekindled the spark for me to paint my Eldar. As I said, I'm trying to play only fully painted armies. But I'm drawn to my Eldar like Slaanesh itself with beer & pizza. Yet, I must stay the path that is before me. I must finish what came before. The first legion must be ready to be deployed. So, on the momentum of the fortress of redemption, I have finished the jet fighter. The colors came together nicely. It only took me three nights to finish. Approximately  4 to 6 hours, never uninterrupted. From there, I started on my 2 characters for this list. I got the base coat and first dry brush on the librarian and the same with some detail work on the company master. I will have finished pictures next time.

        I also finished reading Angels of Darkness by Gav Thorpe. I love & hate the dual story books. I really enjoy seeing the two stories come together at the end, but I always have a harder time following the story before that. I did enjoy this book. It just took longer to read because I kept going back to check what I read.
       Well, until next we meet, I am off to the next adventure.