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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fear the Dark!

     This week was an interesting one. I finally got a solid fight in with my Dark Angels. 1500 point fight against a thousand sons themed  CSM force, which by game time got escalated 100 points right before we started playing. He wanted to add cultists at the last moment, so I provided him some guardsman to stand in. We rolled up the Scouring and vanguard deployment. And to make it worse, the best objectives were all on my side. So we pretty much had a gun fight across the table. He got a couple pot shots off early and I returned them back. That would have been most of the battle except he booned a champion into a demon prince and I dropped my Deathwing behind his entire army. That was enough to distract his army  & pull him off one of his objectives. We called it soon after that. I'm still looking for a little more punch to my force. Not quite sure where to find it yet. Maybe in the IG codex.

A better shot of my 1000 pt Dark Angels

    As far as hobby progress, I got my Devastators finished but the sealer. I also painted the tower part of the Fortress, and one of the three land speeders. Not a bad month. Could have been better.... but on to next month.... I think I am going to tackle my bike squadron and a land speeder or two. And my ever present progress on the Fortress of Redemption. I'm hoping the base takes less time than the tower. We'll soon see.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Berks Spring Assault 4

My Dark Angels for Berks Spring Assault 4
      Last week, I headed out to Berks Spring Assault 4. BSA4 was held in Reading, Pa, which is only about an hour drive for me. It was the first tournament experience for me in a very long time. I take my hat off to Mike and the Berks gaming team for running an exciting event. It was a four game 1000 points per event. That made the games quick and interesting. I got to meet a lot of interesting people. And the number of gaming groups from around the area. The size of the display boards were tremendous compared to the last tournament I participated in. Wow! There were also some beautifully painted armies. It is good to know there are gamers out there with the same story as I have. I had lunch with a guy that would repeat the same tale of hobbying that I was telling him. I would call my second round opponent, Dan, for a game any time. He absolutely pulled my army apart one squad at a time. But it  was a blast. I also got to talk to some local pod casters. The whole event was an experience for me. It certainly was less about the games and more about the community and camaraderie. Thanks again Mike. I look forward to the next time.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Time well spent...

Goblin Summer Camp.
        I just got to say fitting games into a busy schedule of work, home, and kids is incredibly hard sometimes. There is a local tournament to me next weekend. I am at this point on the edge of my seat whether I will get to go. My wife works all day Saturdays, which makes tournaments a difficult avenue to travel for me to attend. Multiple day events are completely out of the question. So, here I sit waiting for a return text from the only person that may be able to watch my little boys. Hopefully, things will work out. Then, I will have a far more interesting post next week. But enough about that.

       I am very excited for all the new codexes being released for Warhammer 40000. I can't possibly keep up with all the new rules. I've only got a single game in with my Dark Angels. We already have 2 more books and a rules expansion that I have yet to read. Thank god for the Internet keeping me up to date on all the new units and combinations. Podcasts, as well, are a great source of all the updates, FAQ's, and new builds. I just wanted put a couple of my favorite podcasts on here.

    First one I want to mention is The Independent Characters. I have mentioned them before on here. I am sure I will again. Carl and Jeff are so enthusiastic about the game. They just seem to draw you in to the world and their gaming group. Even though they are on the other side of the country, I want to go play with them.

     Second is the 11th Company.  They are the crew that I go to for strategies. Neil, Pat, and the others have a go/ no go gauge of units and armies. I feel, at this point, they should probably save a spot for the heldrake to voice its opinion. on the game. "Heldrake does as heldrake pleases..." The tactical terrain segment by Eric has been very inspirational to me.

    Next is one that I love for a number of reasons. The Turn 8 Podcast guys are friendly and excited about gaming. Not from my immediate area, they are close enough that we could sit down for a game sometime. Of course, I would like to call out Rich. We need to get you some games in. Their unique battle report always has me excited about their next episode. Hopefully, I will see some of you at Berks Spring Assault 4.

   Second Founding is a great podcast. I love these guys for their attitude toward the game. They will find models from whatever avenue they need to theme up their armies. I really enjoyed their Armies for noobs and alternative models segments they had. I hope they keep them up.

     And the last that I really want to mention is Noobhammer. Whether you are a "noob" or a veteran, you will learn something from these guys. I think the best thing about Jason & Nate is their dual coverage of 40k and Fantasy. They are my fantasy fix without devoting my time to a specific Warhammer Fantasy podcast. Though from some of the things they mention. I should really start updating my Orc & Goblins army.

    If you get a chance tune into all 5 of these guys. There are others I listen to from time to time. But these are the guys that fill my commute. I certainly hope none of these guys go away. If you get a chance, tune in to their podcasts. They are worth your time. They are available on their websites and Itunes. See you guys next week.