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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tyranids are dead!

    We have heard it everywhere. Almost every podcast, forum, blog and Google search will tell you how terrible the new codex is. So, I guess we should pack up all your models for the next update.
If only one guardsman could kill a bug that big!
That just seems absurd to me. I'm willing to help out with that. If you think that there is no need to keep those hungry little buggers in the closet for the next three to five years, send them to me. I will give you credit for the models you send to me in exchange for painting services. Just give me an idea of you have to get rid of and what you want painted. Any army, any game system, any models. Even if you just want assembly and base coating.  I will give you a reasonable credit. Just e-mail me or message me with the information. You can also hit me on Facebook.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ways to break a slump

       Hello. Tonight, I wanted to talk about something that happens to all of us, not just in our hobby but in anything that takes as much time and devotion. It goes by many names and comes about almost anytime. I have heard called too many things to list here. Sometimes called the blahs, case of the Mondays, new game release or just need a break, the "Slump" hits all of us. You know that time when you are uninspired or overwhelmed or even just uninterested in painting or modeling. I have been putting some thought into this lately.

     This is usually my time of year for the slump to creep up on me. Especially years like this one. If you live in the north east like I do, It feels like we haven't seen the sun in months. You go to work, it is dark. You come home, it is dark. Then on top of that is the winter wonderland around me. Don't get me wrong! The snow is a beautiful sight falling so serenely outside your window while you are inside sipping your warming beverage of choice. I like to mix it up, cocoa, coffee, scotch, in no set pattern. Then there is the slipping and sliding and shoveling and the snow blowing and a couple "S" words I don't really want to put in here. And there it is creeping up on me again.

   Today is different. Today, I want to talk about beating the slump away. First thing I do to beat away the dread of winter is to read. Whether it is "Blood of Asaheim" to inspire your Wolf Lord project or the new James Patterson book, a novel or audio book can  put you in a completely different world. Either way, get immersed into a world than your own.

    If you don't read much, you can also play a game. Video games, either console or PC, tend to be very story oriented. Even some of the more basic point & click games have some great back story. Or the very opposite end of the spectrum, is the hack and slash, "Do I really need a reason to behead my 754th orc other than to see the blood hit the TV screen?" game. While it has little depth, it is a wonderful distraction.
    The last, and the one that I employ a great deal is to start a new project. Usually, the idea of new models hitting the table is always inspiring. I use this even when I just can't come up with a new scheme or when I am overwhelmed by the enormity of a project. If you don't have a different set of models, you can also break your project into smaller sections. Painting a 2000 point army of Tyranids or Orks can be a scary endeavor, but if you break it down to one unit at a time. Things won't look so bleak. When I painted my fortress of redemption. I painted the tower then move onto to the lower sections. that made it so much easier to realize when I was just painting the tower section.

    So, in closing, Don't  get discouraged with your slump. That only leads to the dark side. If your slump gets to be too much for you, just make it orc #755. Thanks and keep inspired.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Imperial Fist scouts

      My first customer demand project came out good. These scout models would be a great addition to an army looking for a cheap Space Marine ally.
I ended up finishing them with a brown static grass base.
   My next few projects are interesting ones. Keep an eye out here for what is next to come.