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Monday, March 9, 2015

Yay! Hobby Progress.... !!!

Good Evening! I can't believe the time that has passed since my last post. I have been working diligently on painting and hobbying. First thing, I finished my Wraith Knight. Ta-Da!

I decided to take a family picture with his little brother. I also added the arm options in the picture. Everything is magnetized for easy swapping. Eventually, I want to tackle an imperial knight. For anyone out there that thinks that a larger model is overwhelming, the trepidation and fear of messing it up is much worse than the actual project. I spent so long worrying and "planning" to paint my wraith knight that I scared myself out of working on it. My advice is to just jump in. 

I have also been working on other Eldar models. I base coated, washed and start the details on a squad of striking Scorpions. A squad of Swooping Hawks are all but finished. I just need to finish the details and seal them. And, of course, I have been working on Harlequins. Hello! Eldar player here! New Codex! Duh. Of course, I am working on Harlequins. 

Then, last of all, I just wanted to mention that I got some Tzeentch daemons for Christmas. I assembled and two squads of Horrors, a herald on foot and a burning chariot. My mind was focused in the warp and I found a great proxy for Fate Weaver. My son picked it out at the store. But, hey! It is two headed, winged and and carries a staff. It IS P E R F E C T !!! But then again, if I put it on the table I think my son would climb on the table  and scold me for playing with his toys.