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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm Loving It !

    Good evening! If you have been reading my blog you already know that Eldar are my first Warhammer love. It goes very deep for me. I have Eldar for just about every game system Games Workshop put them in. I even have some models I used for Necromunda when they had the Eldar ranger gang, If I remember correctly the rules were in a Citadel Journal. A few days ago, the White Dwarf was leaked with news of Warlock / Farseer on a jetbike or Skyrunners. That moment in time will be there for the rest of my life. I thoroughly thought that there would never be a model for this unit. Since the day I looked in the codex and thought that would be really cool to pu tthat warlock on the bike with the guardians. So I patiently waited and waited. Then I impatiently waited and waited. Then, as my modeling got better, I started looking for conversion or even an idea of how to get one to look like an Eldar warlock sitting on a Eldar jetbike. I don't think I even know how many hours I logged combing the internet, just looking for a stand out conversion. Alas, it never came. BUT NOW! Yay ! Then I noticed that there is going to be wind rider jetbikes and a new codex. Yay! Yay!

         Just then, as I sit at my desk top computer, I look up and wonder ....
Are there going to be rules for this guy again?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time for Reflection

       How much time has passed? Has it been days? Months? It seems like an eternity since I came to this planet. I have been misled to this place. What I once thought was the will of the Lion, I have only recently come to realize the truth of it all. Dark powers have fooled me and made me believe I was hunting a Fallen. Sabathiel, Master of the third company of the Sixth Legion, was lost when Caliban was lost. I have been following his trail for more than two hundred years. Then I was guided to this dreaded planet under false pretenses. The fortress. The prisoner. The Relic. Everything was to run off his trail. Now things are much worse. I am blame for all that has occurred up to this point. But, I will not run. I will face my punishment like a Dark Angel.

     Sleep comes infrequently to me in this cell. This very cell detained many enemies of the Imperium. Now it is my hell. When I sleep, all I see is the blues and pinks of the Daemons trying to claw into my mind. Their claws tear at my psyche and their beaks and mouths chew at my soul. I must keep up my guard. My physical wounds have all been healed. I wonder why I have not been taken from here. The rune priest comes to see me from time to time. His presence pushes the daemons back. If only I could understand him through the thick accent and and fangs. Luckily for me, the only thing he is really interested in is the marine that occupied the cell before me. Unfortunately, he escaped during the raid on the fortress. If the wolves only knew that their attack would release one of the Wolf Brothers. Ragnar Blackmane, himself, put this particular traitor into stasis here. He never expected me to come here.

 Only after what seems to be an eternity, one of the Space wolves come to my door. This one I can understand. He must be new. I barely even see his fangs. He only says one thing to me. "Raziel, your master awaits. We are leaving now."