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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mad mad summer

       Well congratulations to everyone who made it through July. It was a little touch and go there for a while . There was a few times I thought I was going to lose it all together, but in the end, we made it. In case you don't know, for me, July is probably the busiest month of the whole year. My daily grind is busier than usual. We have five family birthdays, plus more friends birthdays than I can shake a paint brush at. Don't forget, it is the middle of the summer, warm weather and plenty of outside time. As you can imagine painting and modeling grinds down. I am still making progress, but it is more dirty work, assembling cleaning and primer. I also got two games in for the story. So now I just need to finish typing them. The narrative is coming together just fine. The next game in the story is going to be interesting. It's one I have been planning for some time. You will just have to wait and see.
     On a lighter note, my brother was visiting us for a week. We spent more than a few night working on customizing his Skylander game pieces. Betwen the two of us, we did over twenty custom Skylander. If you are interested in seing some of these you can find them on facebook or instagram , just search for remixed skylanders customs on the appropriate site.
     One last thing I wanted to share with you is a picture of some progress. This is a picture of the Eldar progress since I have been writing the blog. This not all the models I have painted, just the Eldar. It is approximately 2500 points. I really want to thank you guys for coming and reading some of my nonsense and keeping me to be inspired to complete these models and many more. I don't think it I would have had this much progress without the blog and people come to read it to keep me painting. Thanks again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Progress (and lack of) Report.

      Hello to all my friends out there. There has been a lot of things going on in the Games Workshop 40K universe with new armies, codex updates, warlord titans. Now as things go into the realm of fantasy, Age of Sigmar, I am hoping to do a little catch up on some of my projects. Those who have been reading know that there are two armies I put the most effort into. The Eldar and Dark Angels. They both have gotten revision in the past few months. These have put my mind into the "how do I do this?" mode. First came the killer clowns from "inner spaces/ web ways." That one was easy for me. I need to get one squad, since I already own two, some jetbikes, some weavers and a solitaire. Ok! Time to paint. Off I went painting clowns, picked up a void weaver and some jet bikes.

PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ( Actually my lap top decided to leave this mortal plane of existence. ) ......................................... ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    Then the Craft world book dropped. (Side note here: only mentioning items that directly affect my progress.) And the long awaited new Eldar jet bikes dropped, including the farseer on bike. For me, it was like the heavens opened up and flooded me with light from above. I had to have them. Push Harlquins aside. I need to work on Eldar. I have two of the core portions for the war host that just need finishing. So, I went to painting guardians and weapon platforms and artillery weapons. All the while waiting for all the bikes I wanted from GW to be in stock at the same time. Well, time passed and progress went on.

        Then the Space Marine codex dropped and before it even hit the shelves the rumors of the Unforgiven were stirring among the internets. Again, I was elated by the possibilities of what will I need to field the detachment for the Dark Angels. Lucky for me, I was already on my way to finishing my battle company. I only need two squads to complete it. A squad of Devastators painted and a ten man assault squad, which I needed the models for. I mean who ran non Blood Angels assault troop? Again lucky for my collection, but not for my bank account, Game Workshop was nice enough to fill that need for me with a new kit.

   Now, for the first time in I can't remember how many years, I am wondering how I will need to to adapt my Orcs and Goblins into the new Age of Sigmar. You got to admit when they are throwing free rules and even talk of a army mustering app. I, like many people I have talked to, feel this version is going to be easily approachable.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Target Sighted!

    The Land Raider lumbers along the uneven terrain, a stark contrast to its escorts. The land speeder squadron breezes weightlessly over the trees and brush of the countryside. A pack of Fenrisian wolves dodge agilely over rocks and limbs.
    "I have him in my sights," calls in from the lead land speeder as it crests a low hill. Their prey is just reaching a bridge over a flowing river. "Good. The planetary defense is here. They should detain him long enough for us to catch him."
       The Wolf priest leading this hunting party calls back. "Scan for the commander of this force. I will speak to him. I will need rank and name so I can.... " His words cut off by the blast from a Leman Russ battle tank. 
       The blast struck the speeder, crashing it to the ground. Both pilots alive but still trapped in the suddenly grounded machine. The other speeders dart away before they are struck with shrapnel. Then shells and las blasts came from the other side of the river. A landing pad is located just off the banks. Several guardsmen come rushing out of the doors of the fire base. Lasguns bolts flare out at the wolves in the woods. The suddenness of this attack shocked the Space wolves.
     "Tap their comms!" barks the wolf priest. "I want to hear every command. And switch ours to  channel 113.4 so they can't tap ours!"
     One of the crewman calls back "We already got it. Transferring it to you directly."
    The chatter over the Imperial vox is terrible cacophony of orders and questions. "I thought they were on our side" and "slay the traitors!" Over all the noise, the commander is trying to regain control. Unfortunately for him, most of his orders just go unheard.
     The Space Wolves jump into action as the momentary stun of Imperial forces attacking them. Even the Fenrisian wolves know that it is time to hunt. The speeders fire off their multi meltas as they race toward the Leman Russ that took down one of theirs, The large wolves coming through the woods charge headlong at the guardsman coming from the bunker. While the massive troop transport lumbers forward with the renegade in its sight, the machine spirit fires off its multi melta.
     The renegade, being caught in the middle of this horrible fire fight rushes straight to the safety of the fire base.
     Then, not far from where the renegade is running, there is a bright explosion of blue smoke and pink fire and lightning. The flashes block out scanners of both sides. Displays in the tanks of both side momentarily show blue smoke curling up from a large blue eye. Out of the smoke in the field appear creatures borne of the Warp. Their pink skin and large claws and beaks tell the truth of what they really are. Horrors of Tzeentch. And in the middle of them all, an imposing horror, carrying staff and book, immediately starts chanting. The psychic connection to the warp very close as the gate starts closing. The daemons chant as they are still spilling on to the battlefield. Sorcerous blasts launching through the gate at the Space Wolves closest to them with little actual effect.
     The guardsman seem as surprised as the Space Wolves to the sudden appearance of warp born entities. Over the sudden silence of the vox only heard as a whisper was, "They have come. We are blessed!"
     Suddenly, all the noise and commands launch over the vox channels. The Wolf Priest smiles inwardly. The confusion tears the guard apart and will be easy pickings. Finally, the commanders orders to kill the wolves come through. Lasguns fire immediately, scattering the last of the Fenrisian wolves. The Punisher Leman Russ lets loose with every thing it had. Gatling cannon and heavy bolters launching shells at the Land Speeders, sending another to the ground helpless to aid their brothers further. The battle cannon on the other tank bombarding the land raider to little effect. The armor of the Astartes holding out from the ordinance.
    The Land Raider moves forward, Inferno cannons burning  the daemons, sending almost half of them back to the warp. Sky Claws jump out from where they were lurking to pounce on the heavy weapon squad. The guardsman fled without even defending their position. A squad of Grey Hunters also come into view to bring death to the "Imperials." Their holy bolters raining down on the daemons.
   Through all the clatter and explosions, curses and confusion, only one man moves with real purpose. The renegade charges toward the fire base. The real purpose of this location comes to light. Over the hills behind the Imperial base comes a Valkyrie gunship. Everyone there realizes in that moment the Valkyrie is landing at the base. They are coming for the marine.
    The defense force holding on a sword edge. The morale hanging by a thread. Shots are being fired wildly, barely hitting, let alone damaging. Psychic energy from the daemons causing more damage than the every shot fired. Yet, the daemons are still charged and only through their warp energy did any survive the onslaught. The Land Raider still rumbles forward and deposits the wolf priest's entourage on to the field. The priest  charges into the guardsman blocking their path to the lone marine. The soldiers that survived the initial charge fled the death that followed. The Wolves understand they don't need to eliminate the Imperial ranks. They just need them out of the way.
    The punisher battle tank is taken out of commission by a well placed melta bomb and a few well placed swings of a power fist. While on the other side of the field, the Blood Claws pulled the crew out of the Leman Russ battle tank.  
     With the guardsman effectively  neutralized the wolf priest charges his prey. Like a wolf pouncing on a grassland hare, the elder Wolf slashes and muscles into the renegade. The lone marine succumbs to the fury of the Space Wolves and as he goes down, the Valkyrie turns and flies away.
     Another day won for the Space Wolves. This win is only the beginning of a very long day. This traitor will yelp before the day is out. All of his secrets will be revealed. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'm Loving It !

    Good evening! If you have been reading my blog you already know that Eldar are my first Warhammer love. It goes very deep for me. I have Eldar for just about every game system Games Workshop put them in. I even have some models I used for Necromunda when they had the Eldar ranger gang, If I remember correctly the rules were in a Citadel Journal. A few days ago, the White Dwarf was leaked with news of Warlock / Farseer on a jetbike or Skyrunners. That moment in time will be there for the rest of my life. I thoroughly thought that there would never be a model for this unit. Since the day I looked in the codex and thought that would be really cool to pu tthat warlock on the bike with the guardians. So I patiently waited and waited. Then I impatiently waited and waited. Then, as my modeling got better, I started looking for conversion or even an idea of how to get one to look like an Eldar warlock sitting on a Eldar jetbike. I don't think I even know how many hours I logged combing the internet, just looking for a stand out conversion. Alas, it never came. BUT NOW! Yay ! Then I noticed that there is going to be wind rider jetbikes and a new codex. Yay! Yay!

         Just then, as I sit at my desk top computer, I look up and wonder ....
Are there going to be rules for this guy again?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time for Reflection

       How much time has passed? Has it been days? Months? It seems like an eternity since I came to this planet. I have been misled to this place. What I once thought was the will of the Lion, I have only recently come to realize the truth of it all. Dark powers have fooled me and made me believe I was hunting a Fallen. Sabathiel, Master of the third company of the Sixth Legion, was lost when Caliban was lost. I have been following his trail for more than two hundred years. Then I was guided to this dreaded planet under false pretenses. The fortress. The prisoner. The Relic. Everything was to run off his trail. Now things are much worse. I am blame for all that has occurred up to this point. But, I will not run. I will face my punishment like a Dark Angel.

     Sleep comes infrequently to me in this cell. This very cell detained many enemies of the Imperium. Now it is my hell. When I sleep, all I see is the blues and pinks of the Daemons trying to claw into my mind. Their claws tear at my psyche and their beaks and mouths chew at my soul. I must keep up my guard. My physical wounds have all been healed. I wonder why I have not been taken from here. The rune priest comes to see me from time to time. His presence pushes the daemons back. If only I could understand him through the thick accent and and fangs. Luckily for me, the only thing he is really interested in is the marine that occupied the cell before me. Unfortunately, he escaped during the raid on the fortress. If the wolves only knew that their attack would release one of the Wolf Brothers. Ragnar Blackmane, himself, put this particular traitor into stasis here. He never expected me to come here.

 Only after what seems to be an eternity, one of the Space wolves come to my door. This one I can understand. He must be new. I barely even see his fangs. He only says one thing to me. "Raziel, your master awaits. We are leaving now."

Monday, March 9, 2015

Yay! Hobby Progress.... !!!

Good Evening! I can't believe the time that has passed since my last post. I have been working diligently on painting and hobbying. First thing, I finished my Wraith Knight. Ta-Da!

I decided to take a family picture with his little brother. I also added the arm options in the picture. Everything is magnetized for easy swapping. Eventually, I want to tackle an imperial knight. For anyone out there that thinks that a larger model is overwhelming, the trepidation and fear of messing it up is much worse than the actual project. I spent so long worrying and "planning" to paint my wraith knight that I scared myself out of working on it. My advice is to just jump in. 

I have also been working on other Eldar models. I base coated, washed and start the details on a squad of striking Scorpions. A squad of Swooping Hawks are all but finished. I just need to finish the details and seal them. And, of course, I have been working on Harlequins. Hello! Eldar player here! New Codex! Duh. Of course, I am working on Harlequins. 

Then, last of all, I just wanted to mention that I got some Tzeentch daemons for Christmas. I assembled and two squads of Horrors, a herald on foot and a burning chariot. My mind was focused in the warp and I found a great proxy for Fate Weaver. My son picked it out at the store. But, hey! It is two headed, winged and and carries a staff. It IS P E R F E C T !!! But then again, if I put it on the table I think my son would climb on the table  and scold me for playing with his toys. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Outside the Box.

     Hello internet! Things have finally quieted down in my house. Mostly due to the fact that my family is all on the recovery from Pappa Nurgle's visit. I just got a good chance to check out the harlequin hype. I gotta say from everything I'm reading... I am really excited. They are one of those elusive units to  me. I just missed the as a stand alone army when I started playing 40k. I was even going to buy the clown faced jetbikes when I realized there wasn't any rules to support them. I remember thinking then that I would just pick some up when they brought out the rules. Little did I know that it would be many, many years later. So at this time, my paint table is a buzz with all kinds of Eldar minis. I'm still making progress on my wraith knight. I know, I know! "Just finish it. You have been working on it forever..... !" is what some one out there is saying. But I am really just enjoying making that model just what I want. I am also working on my old Harlequin squad. I painted the troupe master in the style of the Joker and the normal squad members are all Harley Quinn style. Just a fun project. Then I also have some Striking Scorpion and Swooping Hawks here staring at me. Both should be relatively easy paints for me.

   So. All that being said, I had an interesting night last weekend. I put my hand into painting something other than Games Workshop for one evening. I got to show my brother a little washing and dry brushing techniques. He paints custom Skylanders and Disney Infinity game pieces and wanted to up his game a little bit. In the process, I got to paint my own Skylanders piece.
What a lot of fun I had! The miniatures really have character and there is more detail on it then is originally painted. I understand why he got involved with this. You can find his Facebook group at Remixed Skylanders customs. So, your lesson for the day is to try something new. You never know where inspiration will come from. Thanks for reading.